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About Us

About Us

Our attention to the little (personalized) details come from a love of the spa industry and a love of people. Fostered by the nurturing care of its owner, Laura Urquhart, MANGO BLISS SPA is sure to melt your cares away. Laura’s passion for her Spa began as a child in her families Spa business. Their care, attention to every detail, and compassion for making others feel and look their best, was passed down to her; and is a family characteristic she values highly and is reflective in her diverse spa offerings.

The term “bliss” means “a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy”. A sense of bliss for Laura comes from her love for the US Virgin Islands, which is carried throughout the spa. As well as a sentiment shared with her father, Bryan Urquhart, for the enjoyment of sweet mangoes. This unique fruit has been used in desserts, perfumes, and in medicinal treatments for many generations. In creating MANGO BLISS SPA, Laura has combined her love for the two in the hopes that you too will find your little “slice” of happiness, right here. (Mr. Urquhart continues to search for the perfect mango!)


Our Staff

• Spa Owner • Licensed Massage Therapist • Licensed Aesthetician • Certified Aromatherapist •
A licensed Massage Therapist andAesthetician, Laura has focused most of her 14 years in the business in finding products and services that cater not only to the body, but to the senses as well. She has mastered the art of Aromatherapy under the renowned instructor, Roz Zollinger of the Heal Center in Atlanta and has incorporated her teachings into many of her personalized aromatherapy blends, a passion that is close to her heart. Each facial, massage, and body service has been hand created by Laura to deepen your relaxation while calming and healing the skin and we’re certain that you will find rejuvenation at MANGO BLISS SPA.